Monthly Update: February 2022

Monthly Update: February 2022

06 February 2022

Congratulations! You have made it across to the new WideStreams fansite if you're reading this post. Fantastic and welcome!

You're probably wondering why there was a need to change the design quickly after only launching last summer. January 2022 was by far the busiest month for traffic, with 3.1k visitors and well over a third of these from mobile devices. Whilst the Website worked from a mobile, it was far from perfect.

The new Website (launched last Wednesday) looks the same now no matter how you access it and is faster than ever. Granted, there are a few navigation issues at present, particularly with the desktop version, but I am working on these as a priority.

We are an unofficial WideStreams news and information Website, made for the fans by the fans. We are neither owned nor operated by WideStreams LLC.

Enough waffle, let's get into the latest news and updates!

Arrivals and Departures

It was sad to see FeliciaMars leave at the beginning of last month. Over the past year, I had the opportunity to speak with her many times in private chat before work. She was a great conversationalist and dancer. You will be missed, Dani, but thank you for the good discussions and your future careers.

Three new influencers have joined the studio in recent weeks. First up, we have VerenaDavis, 20 years old; secondly, ChloeRobinson, 22 years old, and finally StacyFlores, 18 years old, who joined on February 1st.

They appear to have settled in well and built new relationships. Make sure to say hello, drop a rose and welcome them to the WideStreams family.

February Birthdays

Two influencers celebrate their birthday this month. Make sure you gift a slice of cake on their special day!

AvaSloan - February 7th

GoldyRivera - February 22nd


Coronavirus Omicron is peaking in Russia at this time and sadly has affected many of the influencers, some enough to seek medical assistance. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing them well and a swift recovery.

Show some love and send a get well message if your favorite girl is offline.


Several members have noticed and commented on the sharp price increase of enabling cam2cam during conversations. I share your frustration, as it effectively doubles the cost of the private session. Many of the influencers I speak with regularly love to see my pets on camera or recent clothing purchases, and it's always a shame when I have to limit my time or say no.

The influencer does not control the price, so there is no point in directly discussing it with them.

Why Did I Create WideStreams.Net?

It's important to stress that since the original launch in 2021, WideStreams.Net has been purely a fansite. I have no connection with the studio in St Petersburg, apart from being a regular chatter with nearly all of the influencers there.

The idea of a fansite first came to me when I was chatting with one of my favorite girls last spring. She said she was bored of answering the same questions like her birthday, hobbies and where she lived.

I consulted with the team at JWS Americas S.à r.l. (the owners of the webcam platform) and looked into creating the fansite, both legally and professionally, to increase income for the influencers and become a source of FREE information.

As a web designer and coder, I got to work on the project straight away, and the site went live on August 8th, 2021. Admittedly, the first few months were relatively quiet, with only a handful of visitors, but visitor numbers have rocketed over the past few months.

Last month (January 2022) was the most successful so far, as I mentioned earlier for Website visitors but more importantly for the amounts of credits purchased through the Website, which directly benefits the influencers and, of course, the studio where they work.

Thank you to everyone who visits and supports this fansite. I have had the opportunity to make several new friends already through the Website, and I enjoy reading your comments and feedback (good and bad) every day.

I look forward to posting and updating you all again next month!

Tom Dawson

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