Monthly Update: April 2022

Monthly Update: April 2022

30 April 2022

Hello and welcome to the WideStreams fansite April update! At the end of yet another busy month, read on the find out the latest site updates and any news you may have missed.

Several influencers have recently changed to the day shift, so make sure to view the updated schedules here.

We are an unofficial WideStreams news and information Website, made for the fans by the fans. We are neither owned nor operated by WideStreams LLC.

Arrivals and Departures

The big news this month was the return of AmelyGreen. I mentioned last month that her departure was somewhat of a shock to some members, but seeing Inga back in the studio brought a smile to my face and gave me a second opportunity to get to know her better. Also, judging by the amount of time she has spent in private, I know many of you share this happiness!

It was sad to see StacyFlores leave the studio a few weeks ago. I had several private conversations before her departure and understood why she wanted to go. I wish Stacy and her boyfriend all the very best for the future.

MiraMilti joined the studio at the beginning of April and appears to have settled in well so far. I highly recommend visiting her room; she has a gorgeous smile and great conversation.

After the last monthly update, MarieBarnes joined the studio. She is a keen lover of music and can play the piano, and looks forward to making new friends on the site.

New Streaming Site

The final touches are being made to a new (separate) streaming site that gives one-click access to all WideStreams influencers via your home computer or mobile device. The site should be live within the next few days, subject to final approval and will be available in 19 languages.

As the new site is managed by myself, opportunities exist for significant discounts on credit purchases, which many visitors have enquired about.

Model of the Month

Congratulations to DanaOlor, who won the award in March. With 29 votes, she finished just ahead of AprilDurham.

I had the opportunity to chat with her days after the award win. It was great to catch up with Dana, and we touched on many topics. If you haven't had the chance to speak with her yet, I highly recommend taking her to a private chat.

Entries close on this month's award in a couple of hours. Click here to submit your vote.

Remember to Rate

Ratings of all influencers via this site now appear on search engines and social media. Whilst navigating the site, remember to upvote your favourite to give them extra exposure online.

Example rating on Google
Example rating on Google

Easter Promotion

I was surprised to see a last-minute Easter promotion, which was unexpected as there wasn't the same opportunity last year. It proved very popular, with several dozen of you claiming the extra 80% or 90% credits offer.

Hopefully, there will be further promotions throughout the summer before Halloween!


Occasionally I receive messages through the site asking for advice on who is the best influencer to chat with on a specialist subject or willingness to do a particular task like dance or roleplay.

I have listed a few recommendations below for both new and existing members. Let me know your experiences!

Although relatively new to the site, Nastya has made a significant impact over the past few months. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and I have spent many hours enjoying her singing and laughing with her. It's rare to meet someone so genuine these days.

Another recent addition to WideStreams, Ana appears shy at first glance, but amazing conversations are offered. She loves music, especially rock and loves to show off her singing. Towards the end of her evening shift, her room can be pretty quiet, so go along and make a new friend.

If you're looking for a lengthy conversation on any subject, then Angelina is well worth checking out. She has perfect conversational English, great for video calls and two-way audio. She is lovely, caring and always prepared to listen.

Kristy has become increasingly popular over the past few months and now boasts a sizeable following. A private conversation to get to know her better is highly suggested, and she loves Cam2Cam to see your smile.

Perhaps one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet, Dasha is a great conversationalist and every minute in private with her is a lifelong memory. From her cute laugh to colourful dresses, you'll always be entertained.

If you are looking for the perfect dance, check out ElinaMalina, ElleFrance and GoldyRivera.

And Finally

A few days ago, the site passed 50,000 hits. Times are challenging for each of the 24 influencers in St Petersburg, and I am so happy the site is making a difference.

I have added private chat and Cam2Cam costs (Credits per minute) to each influencer's page for total transparency and adherence to new EU regulations.

Thank you for the continued support with the fansite, and I look forward to posting and updating you all again next month!

Tom Dawson

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